As a graphic designer, I can assist you to solve your problems by visual communicating to your target audience with the correct use of typography, space, image and color. The proper composition of words, symbols and images in a unifying piece will help you establish a brand and/or message to your target market.

I design games which include their conception, game mechanics, and packaging content. My experience includes level design by using tools available through a commercial 3D design program called 'Unity.' With this program, I was able to edit code and execute and customize high-level scripting languages that interact with AI.

I provide the preparation and presentation of tax payments and tax returns. Specialized tax principles of GAAP is employed for financial reporting. My services includes bookkeeping on a monthly or quarterly basis for sole proprietorships and S corporations.

From individuals and small local business, to worldwide companies, I provide legal representation in business litigation matters, immigration for nonimmigrant visas and permament residence, Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, and family-law divorce. Please contact me for a consultation to determine whether I may assist you with your legal issue.